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What's New?

The Scheduling Tool is updated with major new features or complete redesigns of old features from time to time. In addition, the program is continuously improved by fixing bugs and tweaking small things (those changes are not reflected below).

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May 1, 2024

Improved "Days Off Per Week" Rule
  • The "Days Off Per Week" duty-hours rule now has the option to not average the days off over the length of the block.
  • It is now possible to set the rule to "Maximum of 6 consecutive days on before a day off" which is ideal for Emergency Medicine shift schedules.

May 9, 2022

Resident "Requests" Tab Completely Rebuilt
  • Use the year selector to see requests for active residents only.
  • The sums of "days granted" and "days denied" can now include all requests or just requests for the selected year.
  • See which residents have pending requests.
  • See which requests have been modified by the resident on the Schedule Viewer side.
  • Export "days granted/denied" table to CSV file (for spreadsheets).
  • User interface is more clear and readable.

Feb 9, 2021

Improved Account Home Page
  • New year-based navigation of your schedules makes it easier to keep old schedules around.
  • Improved feedback on Schedule dates when creating a new schedule.
  • Completely redesigned Schedule Trash interactions. It is much faster and easier to put schedules in the Trash (and take them out!)

Feb 7, 2020

Redesigned Residents Tab
  • Complete redesign and rebuild of the Residents tab for Call/Shift schedules with a focus on making managing residents as easy as possible for first time users and veterans alike.
  • You can now add any Resident to any Block in just a couple of clicks.
  • Select a Rotation using the "Auto-Include" dialog and watch the Blocks get populated in front of your eyes.
  • The timeline design gives you a clear and complete view of when a resident is in a block.
The new Residents tab.

Jan 2, 2019

New Server
  • A more powerful server was deployed to improve the performance of the Scheduling Tool.
  • More up-to-date software is being used throughout for better security and reliability.

Feb 28, 2014

New Annual Rotations Schedules Editor
  • Complete redesign from the ground up for the Annual Rotations Schedules Editor.
  • You can now mix different blocks in the same schedule, so you can have different block dates for your Pgy-1s, or create schedules that use 2-week, 3-week, 4-week and 6-week blocks.
  • Advanced custom Tallies let you count Rotations taken by Residents over their career and set targets for each year.
  • Drag and drop Rotations around to edit your resident's schedules.
  • Get going quickly: every aspect of the new editor has been designed to be easy to grasp. A lot of help is provided in the application to help you along.
  • See the "Rotations Scheduling" page for full details.
The colorful new Annual Rotations Editor

Nov 16, 2012

Complete redesign of the Schedule Viewer
  • The part of the Scheduling Tool where residents and staff view their schedules has been completely redesigned.
  • The new Schedule Viewer is simple to navigate and easy to use for everybody.
  • All Schedules are viewable on smartphones and tablets in addition to regular computers.
  • A new "On Now" view shows you who is on now, who is coming in shortly, and who just left.
  • Each resident has their own page where they can view, export and sync their schedules.
  • Residents and staff can now sync their schedules with their personal calendar software thanks to a dedicated calendar feed.
  • Pager numbers for residents and staff can now be displayed along with published schedules.
  • See the "Online Schedules" page for full details.
The new Schedule Viewer as seen on an iPad and iPhone.

March 20, 2012

Major update to Shifts, Tallies and Areas editing
  • The Shifts editing part of the Scheduling Tool has been rebuilt from the ground up with two goals in mind: ease of use and flexibility. It is now easier than ever to manage your shifts and calls, even in large programs and those with complex requirements.
  • Tallies and Areas management functions were rebuilt as well to make them more intuitive and more flexible.
  • The Staffing Requirements dialog for Call/Shift schedules got a brand new drag-and-drop interface. See below.
The new Staffing Requirements for Shifts & Calls dialog.

August 24, 2011

Update to the Schedule Viewer
  • For maximum convenience residents and staff can now search for their schedules from the home page.
  • Beautiful personalized PDFs containing all relevant scheduling information can be downloaded and printed for each resident or staff.
  • The Calendar View for Call / Shift schedules has been improved.
  • The new "By Resident" view for Call / Shift Schedules shows days across the top and resident along the left hand side and clearly displays who is doing what each morning and afternoon.
  • And more... See the Online Schedules page here.
The new schedule search box on the home page in action.

June 16, 2011

Customizable Duty Hour Rules
  • All Duty Hour rule parameters can be customized to meet your needs.
  • You can now set different rules for different resident years or staff types.
  • Display of Duty Hours per Week, Calls per Week, and Days Off per Week rules in the Stats Table has been improved.
  • See the Duty Hours Rule page here.

May 8, 2011

Resident PGYs and Schedule Years
  • You can now set a sequence of PGY-levels for residents to follow and the program will set the correct PGY for each Schedule.
  • Each Schedule is now identified by its academic year in addition to its name making it easier to organize Schedules over multiple years.
  • Tweaks and improvements were made in the display of certain published schedules.
A resident's progression from PGY-1 in 2010-2011 to PGY-4 in 2013-2014.

Apr 20, 2011

Improved Randomizer and Performance
  • The new Call / Shift Schedule Randomizer creates better schedules whether you make large shift schedules or you are trying to fit a call schedule around other commitments.
  • "Progress bars" show how close the Randomizer is to finding an optimal schedule.
  • The Randomizer can now be stopped at any point to view the results.
  • Significant performance improvements when editing large Call or Shift schedules.
The new Randomizer progress bars.

Dec 20, 2010

More Call/Shift Scheduling Enhancements
  • Call/Shift Scheduling calendar now shows where a resident is working a few days before the beginning of the block, and a few days after to help you make good block-to-block transitions.
  • The calendar also shows if the resident is on a Call or Shift in a concurrent block which helps avoid conflicts if you have separate Clinic and Call schedules for example.
  • Day-Off Requests now appear as an overlay in the schedule you are editing.
  • Manage Day-Off Requests from the block you are editing.
  • Fast new interface for setting Tally Targets.
  • Improved space-management for Call/Shift Scheduling page.
  • Back-end improvements.
External Shifts/Calls (grey rectangles) and Requests (green bar) in the calendar.

Nov 16, 2010

New Options for Schedule Publishing
  • Displaying Request Tallies and Request Status is now optional.
  • Displaying Tally Results with Call/Shift schedules is now optional.
  • More streamlined Publishing system and bug fixes.

May 25, 2010

Call/Shift Scheduling, and Miscellaneous Enhancements
  • Polished user interface in Call/Shift Schedule edit tab.
  • Better support for different screen sizes thanks to the adjustable widths in the Call/Shift Schedule editing tab. Users with small screens can make better use of the limited space they have, and users with large screens can view all tallies and the schedule side by side. Nice!
  • Improved Reference Manual. Help topics are searchable by keyword.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
The Scheduling Tool on a 1920-pixel wide screen.

Apr 8, 2010

Export Schedules to Google Calendar
  • Residents and staff can now export their schedules to Google Calendar. From there they can use Google Calendar's many utilities to sync their schedules with Outlook, iPhone™, etc...

Mar 3, 2010

New Schedule Maker's Guide and Block Dates Interface
  • The new "Schedule Maker's Guide" is a set of articles designed to help you get the most out of the Scheduling Tool. Details are here.
  • The interface for creating blocks has been completely redone. It is now faster, more intuitive, and more powerful. The "Fast-fill block dates" function creates all your blocks for the year in three clicks. You can also "Reuse block dates" from other parts of the program to avoid duplicate work. View the video below:

Oct 20, 2009

Day-off and vacation requests
  • Residents and staff can now make day-off and vacation requests online through the Schedule Viewer. Watch the video here.
  • All requests can now be managed in one central location, although requests can still be added/edited within individual schedules.
  • Requests can be tallied against any number of custom categories.
  • A new "timeline" display replaces the table in a schedule's "Residents" tab. This is far more intuitive and pleasant to work with.

Aug 10, 2009

Improved Fast Fill, other improvements
  • The user experience for the Fast Fill utility has been improved.
  • The Randomizer algorithm has been enhanced to create schedules with better night shifts.

July 20, 2009

Randomizer feature added
  • The "Randomizer" feature has been added to the Call / Shift Scheduling module.

May 8, 2009

Fast Fill feature added, bug fixes
  • The "Fast Fill" feature has been added to the Call / Shift Scheduling module.
  • Bug fixes.

Mar 18, 2009

Annual Rotations Schedule module upgrade
  • Enhanced staffing requirements rule for Annual Rotations Schedules.
  • Publish Annual Rotations Schedules for online access by residents and staff.
  • Export Annual Rotations Schedules to PDF
  • Other improvements.

Dec 8, 2008

  • The "Scheduling Tool" was renamed " Scheduling Tool".
  • Online access to the schedules on for residents and staff.

Sep 15, 2008

Enhanced Staffing Requirements and Customizable Tallies
  • Enhanced staffing requirements rule for Call / Shift schedules.
  • New flexible Call / Shift Tally system.

Aug 6, 2008

Improved rules and interface improvements
  • Improved "1 day off in 7" rule.
  • Interface improvements.

Jul 20, 2008

Initial release of the Scheduling Tool
  • H2-O2's Medical Resident Scheduling Tool was released for sale.