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Modern On-Call and Shift Scheduling Software
for Today's Medical Residencies

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Computer Assisted Call, Shift and Clinic Scheduling

The Scheduling Tool offers three powerful tools for getting your schedules done quickly. Used separately or in combination these three tools ensure that making your schedule is a swift and painless process.

In addition to these editing features, The Scheduling Tool has a powerful and flexible Tallies feature for tracking the number of calls and shifts taken by each resident.


The Randomizer is the fastest way to create a schedule. It uses the Staffing Requirements that have been set for each Call, Shift and Clinic and the Workload Requirements for each resident or staff and creates a ACGME compliant schedule that meets all requirements including day-off requests. See the graphic below.

The Randomizer is also capable of creating a Progressive Shift Schedule where staff start by working in the mornings and gradually transition to nights before taking a few days of rest and starting over.

Progressive Shift Schedules are common in Emergency Medicine programs.

Fast Fill

Fast Fill is a very flexible tool that makes quick work of schedules that follow a regular pattern. Just about any pattern used in medical residencies can be done with a few clicks and a few seconds.

See the Examples below:

Manual Editing

Even with the Randomizer and Fast Fill features you may need to rework parts of the schedule by hand. For this task the Scheduling Tool offers an easy, helpful and fast interface.

Imagine if a little magic happened while editing schedules by hand and the residents who can take a call were highlighted for you. All you would have to do is look at the list of highlighted residents and pick one, knowing that as long as that resident is highlighted there will be no conflicts with other duties, or day-off requests, or any other potential problems.

When making schedules by hand or with a less capable program you have to constantly be thinking about the number of calls that each resident is taking and the rest periods between each call, not to mention requests for days off and adequate staffing levels.

The Scheduling Tool tracks all these factors for you and provides appropriate feedback as you edit your schedule. The result is a scheduling interface that is Easy, Helpful, and Fast. See the screencast below:

Powerful Call, Shift, Clinic and Request Tally System

Residents scrutinize your schedules to make sure they are not taking more calls than they should. For this reason we give you the most flexible and easy to use Call, Shift and Clinic Tally system you can hope for.

Create as many different Tallies as you need to count hours on, or number of times on of any combination of Calls, Shifts and Clinics in your schedules.

View the totals of the Tallies for each resident as you work on the schedules. You can even set limits for each Tally to get warnings if a resident is taking too many calls or shifts.

Similarly to the Call / Shift / Clinic Tally system, day-off and vacation requests are tallied automatically. Create custom categories to keep track of different types of requests like "Vacation", "Maternity / Paternity Leave", "Educational Leave".

Other Features

Ready to try?
Make schedules for two blocks (or two months) for free.
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