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Rotations Scheduling Features

The Scheduling Tool offers powerful functionality to help you create Annual Rotations Schedules (a.k.a. "block schedules", or "master schedules") quickly and without errors.


Split-Table View

The scheduling tool is set up to give you instant access to the information you need while making a block schedule so you don't waste any time.

The main block scheduling window shows each resident's schedule and each rotation's roster of residents. See the screenshot below:

When a resident is put on a rotation in a given block, that rotation's list of residents is immediately updated.

Flexible Block Dates

In many residencies most residents start on the first of the month, while interns start a few days later (or earlier). In this case the Scheduling Tool lets you create different Blocks for your interns.

In other cases residencies might follow a weekly schedule with Rotations lasting anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. The Scheduling Tool lets you create Blocks of varying lengths in one Schedule, and intermingle them in a Resident's schedule.

Vacation Requests

Eliminate the tedious task of collecting each person's requests by taking advantage of the Scheduling Tool's online requests feature.

Requests are displayed with each Resident's Rotation schedule so that you can immediately spot conflicts with Rotations that do not allow vacations.

Tallies to Count Rotations

Track the number of times a resident is on a Rotation throughout their career using the Scheduling Tool's Rotations Tallies.

Tallies are highly customizable so you can handle difficult situations such as Rotations that are split among multiple locations.

Computer-Assisted Scheduling

The software helps you create your schedule by flagging the rotations that cause a conflict before you even assign a rotation to a resident.

In the image below the rotation "Elective" shouldn't be used because we selected a full length block.

Drag and Drop Editing

Drag and drop editing does more than just take a Rotation and move it over. The Scheduling Tool can intelligently move other Rotations around to make room for the one you are dragging so that your Schedule remains sensible.

Share Your Master Schedule by Publishing It and Exporting It

Once your Block Schedule is done invite all residents and staff to view it online in a clear and readable page. More information about publishing online is available here.

Once published, you may also create a hard copy of your schedule using the export to PDF function.

PDF files (Adobe's Portable Documents Format) can be viewed on any computer and are great for printing, reviewing and emailing.


Synchronize with Call/Shift Schedules

Once you have created a block schedule you can easily start working on the Call/Shift schedule for a rotation.

The program automatically adds residents to the appropriate blocks in the Call/Shift Schedule based on when they are on the rotation in the Annual Rotations Schedule.

You can sync multiple rotations to the the same Call/Shift Schedule, and the block dates don't have to match.

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Make schedules for two blocks (or two months) for free.
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