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After logging in to the Medical Residency Scheduling Tool you arrive at the Home Page (shown below). From this simple screen you can choose to work on any of the Schedules you previously created, or create a new one.

The main page of the Medical Residency Scheduling Tool

Rotations Scheduling

Clicking the "Edit" button in the screen above takes you to the Rotations Schedule's main page (see below).

The main Rotations Scheduling (aka block scheduling, master schedule) page.

Managing Call/Shift Schedules

Clicking an "Edit" button for a Call/Shift schedule in the home screen takes you to the Schedule's main page (see below). This is where you manage all the Blocks of the Schedule. In addition to renaming and changing the dates of a Block you can put it in the Trash to remove it completely from the Schedule. You can "Un-Trash" a Schedule at any time.

The main Schedule page, where you can manage blocks.

The Residents page is where you manage all residents for the Schedule and where you add residents to the Blocks. To do so simply click the "Add Residents" button, or use the "Auto-Include" button to include a resident when they are on a Rotation.

Add residents to blocks on the Residents Page.

Making Call/Shift Schedules

The Schedule Page is composed of a list of residents on the left and a calendar on the right. There is also a Good-Bad window that informs you of the pros and cons of adding (or removing) a resident to a shift or call. Shifts and calls are shaded in green to indicate that there is no reason why the selected resident couldn't work there. Red shading indicates a scheduling error, such as putting a resident on when they requested to be off, or an ACGME duty hour rule violation.

The shifts and calls in the calendar are highlighted in green when the resident can work there.

In the Schedule Page you can expand the list of residents to show statistics for your residents. The table shows the number of calls and shifts the resident is taking in this schedule. You can set target numbers for any of the columns by clicking the "Edit" button. The green numbers turn red when they are outside the target values. Duty hour statistics are also shown, including calls per week, days off per week, and number of duty hours per week.

Set target numbers of shifts and calls for each resident. The software will help you reach these targets. ACGME duty hour information is also shown.

Viewing Published Schedules

Residents, Attendings and Fellows view their schedules online on

A Resident's page on the Schedule Viewer as seen in a desktop browser

Staff members who have iPhones™, Android or other modern internet-enabled mobile devices can take advantage of the special pages for these devices built into the Schedule Viewer.

The Schedule Viewer main page as seen on an iPad

A schedule (left) and the "On Now" view as seen on an iPhone

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