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Modern On-Call and Shift Scheduling Software
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This program will make your work life so much easier. It is everything you could need all in 1 place, in 1 system!
I would highly recommend the Scheduler to anyone that creates Residents/trainee schedules for clinics, call schedules and individual rotations. This program has been a savior not only in time and efficiency but mentally as well. allows you to personalise Annual rotation schedules for your residents/trainees which you can tailor to the Hospital or University calendar then set up individual monthly or block rotation schedules for each person. Block schedules are based on your timeline and not a set up in the system rigidly.
Need to calculate Duty hours for those residents that are doing overnights? You have the choice to enter Duty hour rules for work, rest and frequency which is a game changer.
How about empowering your trainees/faculty to enter their own time off requests? Medrez makes it easy for everyone to use. One you approve (or deny) their time off requests, if you try to schedule them in when they are away… the date(s) turn red! Voila! You have an error. This program takes the guess work out of scheduling errors.
Need to know how many residents are off at one time or how many days off a resident has remaining? No problem, with customizable requests, its easy to view for anyone!
The feature I like the best is the tallies. I’m able to ensure all trainees have met the mandatory required shifts for each rotation.
I was introduced to this program by one of my Peds Resp Med Fellows that came back from an elective in BC where they were using this program. He was impressed and amazed at the possibilities Scheduler allowed. I’m grateful to the PD I worked with at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto for taking the chance on this program and allowing me to try it out. I’ve moved on from that position but have the opportunity to work along side a great Senior Director for the past 6 years who has been supportive and open in me bringing the Scheduler to Oak Valley Health. I am now able to streamline and provide efficiencies to my trainees schedule where none previously existed.
Its been 10 + years of using the Scheduler and I am grateful to the skills and knowledge that Olivier has shown and for his guidance throughout the years.
Beverley Nutt (written April 2024)
Scheduling Specialist, Family Medicine Teaching Unit
Oak Valley Health
(in collaboration with the University of Toronto) is by far the easiest and most efficient way to do resident scheduling! Not only does it track total hours scheduled and help you manage vacation days, it can be used to keep track of days when residents need to be at specific classes, conferences, or meetings so you don't schedule them to be post-call on those days. You can track virtually anything you want to insure that your scheduling is distributed evenly amongst residents, such as weekends, vacation days, or specific days of the week. You can make different "shifts" for every type of work schedule your program might have and you decide how to label it so it makes sense to you and those in your program. If you make a "day shift" to assign all the residents not on call that day, you can track every hour that a resident is supposed to be working, making sure you never over schedule anyone, and always stay within work hour restrictions. For every scheduling need I had, had a way to handle it. The online schedule viewer is handy, but even if the residents choose not to use it, it is still worth every penny to stop using pen and paper for scheduling.
While there is a little bit of a learning curve, the in-program tutorials are helpful, and the learning curve is much easier that other programs out there. I tried several programs, including one already being used by other programs within the hospital system, and none were as easy to use and intuitive and I am now in private practice, and am being assigned the job of creating a call schedule for my group. Even though we are small, is a perfect solution for creating our schedules and tracking vacation days to avoid scheduling conflicts.
Highly recommended! ”
Cristen Laird, DO
Chief Resident
General Surgery
Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
Thanks for giving us an excellent platform for scheduling, we love it, our residents and attendings too love it.
This program has almost aborted our scheduling pains. We are very happy with the program so we will definitely like to extend our subscription. ”
Jane Germano DO,
Sathish Chikkabyrappa MD,
and Vikas Uppal MD
Pediatric Chief Residents,
Maimonides Infants & Children's Hospital of Brooklyn scheduling software has been the best thing to happen to our growing division. Initially, having scheduled all learners on one Excel spreadsheet, creating the schedule was a long, drawn-out process and prone to human error. Our Emergency Medicine schedules are heavily populated and highly complicated, with numerous learners of different ability and varied shift times, protected times, and tally targets. allows us to block time for each learner, and schedule around vacation requests, mandatory rest-times between shifts, and other clinical obligations. Additionally, as our division progresses, so too do our rotation schedules; allows us to experiment with different shift times, areas, locations, and entirely new schedules. Updated printable versions of our learner schedules are always posted in the Emergency Department, while the learners receive a link prior to their rotation to access their online schedules, making sending out schedule updates easy and attachment-free. To this end, publishing changes in the schedule involves one click of the mouse, and the online calendar updates automatically; the original link and password remains the same, and everyone - schedulers, faculty and learners - is on the same page. scheduling software is easy to learn and affords its users the opportunity to be flexible, and creative while generating optimal schedules for learners. Emergency Department shift schedules are some of the most complicated rotation schedules to create while ensuring all requirements-- union, academic, program-based and division-based-- are met, while negotiating shift maximums around discrepant start-and-end dates. Tally targets, publishing options, and blocking dates or hours are just a few of the features that have contributed to the high-quality, error-free, accessible rotation schedules that our division publishes on a monthly basis. Our division's scheduling is completely reliant on software, which enables us to see all the available shift options for each learner while scheduling, as well as any conflicts that would arise as a result of placing a learner in a particular shift. also makes the distribution of shifts across different times (days, afternoons, evenings, overnights) easy, as we can plainly view how many of each shift time a resident or clerk has been scheduled, thereby ensuring everyone has equal night, day and evening shifts. I would recommend this software to any scheduler - no matter how complicated the scheduling parameters. ”
Crysta Balis
Education Coordinator
PEM - McMaster University has revolutionized our scheduling. Now we have program that is portable (you can look up your schedule online and on your phone), readable (the interface and layout are clear and easy to understand), transparent (residents, attendings, and administrators have access to everyone's schedule), flexible (schedule makers can make quick and adaptive changes as issues arise), and easy to use.
The tallies and tracking of hours and shifts has been a huge benefit to us as schedule makers to keep track of residents and ensure fair schedules.
No longer do we have to be constantly updating versions of excel spreadsheets and send them out, which causes confusion, mistakes, and lots of headaches. ”
Nicholas Kanaan MD
Chief Resident 2011-2012
Emergency Medicine
Stanford University / Kaiser is a thorough, flexible and customizable solution for creating something as complex as a residency schedule. It greatly simplified the scheduling for our radiology residency, which consists of 32 residents covering 4 hospitals.
From the electronic vacation requests, the mobile smartphone viewability, and the google calendar syncing -- this product will improve the way your department schedules trainees and ease the burden on your chief residents. ”
Matt Hawkins MD
Chief Resident 2011-2012
Diagnostic Radiology
University of Cincinnati
Ready to try?
Make schedules for two blocks (or two months) for free.
For many years our emergency medicine residency program used templated Excel spreadsheets to create our monthly block schedules. It felt like we were in the Dark Ages and took quite literally days to put together a convoluted schedule that was neither equitable nor transparent. When I finally (and unenviably) took over as the chief resident in charge of scheduling, we trialed a number of software packages that touted themselves as "be all, end all" in terms of functionality and accessibility. What we quickly (and to some extent, painfully) discovered is that while their software was sophisticated and highly functional, the user interface was kludgy and platform specific, often requiring separate components with non-overlapping functionality that could only be installed and accessed from one computer, with or without a distinctly different web interface. We also found these other products to be difficult to learn and navigate, requiring many hours of time spent pouring over PDF manuals or with tech support on the phone.
When we found, I remember breathing a sigh of relief.
Quite literally within minutes of activating our trial period we were entering and classifying residents, locations, and blocks into the software and generating schedules that were in every way superior to those that we had arduously and eventually created with the other "more sophisticated" and high-dollar packages. From its adherence to Duty Hour rules to its progressive scheduling abilities for shift work unique to the EM environment, accomplishes ALL of our scheduling needs with its simplistically elegant user web-based interface that we can access online from any computer or smartphone, anytime, anywhere.
H2-O2's tech support is quite simply outstanding! They are responsive, accountable and extraordinary in their efforts to make the most efficient, capable resident scheduling software available across all practice environments, EM, IM, anesthesia and surgery alike. More importantly, while great tech support is that which is quickly responsive and helpful, the best tech support is that which you hardly ever need -- We believe that H2-O2 has exceedingly accomplished all of these objectives and continue to do with every (frequent!) update.
In a nutshell, is more flexible without being more complicated; it conformed to our needs rather than the other way around -- we're not in the Dark Ages anymore, your software shouldn't be either.
Dr. Scott Forman
Chief Resident 2009-2010
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of New Mexico
With our residency program, the creation an on-call schedule was a major undertaking, because our department had 44 residents placed across 3 different hospitals with various types of calls (e.g., short call, overnight call, 24-hour call, home beeper call). As a result, the ability to track the number of calls and the number of call-hours was essential for setting up an organized and fair on-call schedule. With, tracking the number of calls and the number of call-hours was automated and was no longer a hassle (previously it was done manually). In addition, this on-call data was made available to all residents and created a sense of transparency with the on-call schedule.
In our program, residents were allowed to switch their calls. Therefore, we had a need for department-wide access to the updated on-call schedule. With, the ability to have (password-protected) access to the updated on-call schedule on the Internet 24-hours a day was essential for the operation of our residency program, as well as saved the chief resident countless phone calls. Moreover, residents were able to download the updated on-call schedule (in PDF format) and print it for a hard copy.
In my experience, was indispensable in my duties as chief resident. I recommend it to all future chief residents. ”
Dr. Michael Sanfilipo
Chief Resident 2008-2009
Department of Psychiatry
University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and the Miami VA Medical Center.
I recommend this software to EVERY program.
Before I fortuitously found H2-O2's software using a Google search, chief residents would have to spend days using pencil & paper and an Excel spreadsheet.
Once we started using, the call schedule could be completed in one sitting. This was a quantum change for our program that has over 40 residents.
I researched and tried multiple programs that resulted from my Google search, and I can tell you without a doubt that this is the most powerful and quickest scheduling program out there.
Cannon Clifton, MD, PE
Chief Resident 2008-2009
Department of Anesthesiology
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
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Make schedules for two blocks (or two months) for free.
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